Okkas Jinnah Trade  specializes in the procurement and distribution of ritually slaughtered (Halal) fresh meat carcasses. We cater to clients who procure both Bovine (Bulls and Calves ) and Ovine (Lamb, Sheep and Goats) . Based in Prague, the Czech Republic, we are deeply committed to adhere to the principals of Sharia coupled with stringent EU laws that govern health, hygiene and food safety. We are meticulous about the meat we sell. We ensure at every step that the produce is genuinely halal, fresh and premium quality.

OJ Trade has established a chain of partnerships encompassing the entire product life cycle. Enabling us to maintain steady supply and shorter transit times. We work closely with HACCP certified abattoirs throughout continental Europe, farmers and livestock traders by the virtue of which we are capable of procuring at source.  Our distribution network cater to clients in Europe, Gulf and Middle East regions (Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, and Bahrain).

A deep rooted commitment and exhaustive experience with in the halal meat industry, we are amongst the best cattle, calf, lamb, sheep, and goat carcass suppliers.  Our business  ideology is customer centric and service oriented .We believe in offering our customers a smooth and enriching experience every time they shop with us. With our expert group of specialists, we always ensure that you get the best meat possible after it has passed our rigorous hygiene and quality checks.

The idea

Being customer centric, we realized that most individuals are very concerned about the food they eat. Several question are raised about the origin, and the methods by which the meat is handled. OJ Trade is very transparent in this regard.

We also understand that most individuals would not have the need to buy quantities which meet our minimum order criteria. As a business we must pre define the MOQ as a part of economic sustainability. To find middle ground we developed an online platform which allows  group buying. There by achieving discounted pricing for retail clients and a sense of serenity.