The Simmental cattle is a dual-purpose breed and is bred for both dairy and meat production. Reddish in colour with white patches it is native to Switzerland.

It is quite popular across the world for its beef quality and meat yield and is widely distributed both internationally and throughout the Gulf and Middle East regions (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia etc.).The meat has a peculiar flavor, attributable to the cattle’s diet of varied grass and herbs. The meat has substantial white fat content and excellent marbling properties.


This high quality cattle which is known across the world for its superior beef quality is native to the French region of Charolles, Burgundy. An interesting aspects about this breed is the fact that it is mixed with other breeds such as Angus and Hereford cattle so that a fine quality of meat is achieved. At OJ Trade we pride ourselves in being amongst the few suppliers of Charolaise carcasses and various popular cuts tending to the clients requirement.

Holstein Friesian

Known all over the world for its tender beef and superior quality of dairy products,Holstein Friesian is a cattle breed which originated from the Dutch provinces of Holland and Friesland. Male Friesian calves are valued for their high meat yields. In our constant pursuit of developing and building our supply chain. OJ Trade has partnered with several breeders and farmers of Holstein Friesian cattle and meat producers throughout Europe.


The name Limousin originated from the French word Lemosin, which was a former administrative region in Southern France. Today, although the name of this historic place has been forgotten by many, the cattle sharing the same identity is acclaimed worldwide for its fantastic quality, tender meat possessing excellent marbling attribute. Limousin cattle is an intensely muscular breed of cattle. Due to the high yield of meat it is specifically bred for meat production. At OJ Trade we are committed to adhere to best practices and partner with farms and abattoirs who fulfil humane animal handling, HACCP guidelines and sustainability.


The Angus cattle is very popular in the Bovine category .Due to its muscular anatomy which owes to a high yield in comparison to other breeds it is primarily bred for meat production. The Angus cattle is originally a Scottish breed of cattle originating in the country of Aberdeenshire in Northern Scotland. Angus is a premium beef product and is high in demand internationally .We at OJ TRADE owing to our extensive partner network possess the capability to deliver both carcasses and specialized cuts to meet customer specification.



Merino wool has been used worldwide for premium products which contributes in making this breed a household name. Traditionally reared for wool, this breed originated in the region of Extremadura in southern Spain.Their free range lifestyle makes for a tender meat with a unique flavour due to which many farms breed the Merinos for meat production. OJ Trade is a premium supplier of ritually slaughtered (HALAL) Merino carcasses internationally.


Also known as Swartkop or Schwarzkopf, this is a fat tailed breed of domestic sheep originally from South Africa. They are a direct descendant of the Somali breed and are well-known for the superior quality of lamb carcass. The Blackhead lamb meat has a mild but distinctive flavour which makes it popular in the Middle Eastern countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

Ile de France

The Ile de France is a breed of sheep that is native to the French region of Ile de France, which is a countryside close to Paris. Originally bred for their superior quality of wool, this breed has now gained worldwide recognition for the superior quality, lean, and well-marbled meat they produce.


The Tsurcana (Ovis Aries) is a popular traditional and hardy breed from Romania. Known for its adaptability to varied climatic conditions and excellent resistance to diseases. Tsurcana is raised both for its milk as well as meat. The Tsurcana sheep breed is mostly raised in Romania, Ukraine, Moldavia, Greece, Albania, Croatia, and Poland.