A Wide Array of Meat Cuts

At OJ Trade we focus on selling the highest grade of beef, calf, lamb, and sheep meat and a wide range of meat cuts.


Beef and Calf

  1. Neck: The cut is derived from the 3rd and 4th cervical vertebra and this is a full chuck cut.
  2. Square Cut Chuck: This is one of the most popular meat cuts amongst our customers. This cut is derived from the neck and the 6th rib region.
  3. Chuck Tender: Also known as a Blade or Roll cut, this is directly derived from the Clod region of the cattle.
  4. Blade (Clod): This is a large muscle which starts from outside the blade bone and extends all the way to fore shank joint of the cattle.

Sheep and Goat

  1. Forequarter: This is one of the most popular cuts when it comes to sheep and goat. Derived from between the 6th rib and the neck region this cut contains the right amount of bone and meat.
  2. Fore Shank: This is a cut that is obtained from between the arm and the shoulder.
  3. Tenderloin: This cut is taken from the stomach region and is mostly boneless.
  4. Backstrap: The backstrap is a bone muscle excluding the neck region.
  5. Boneless Loin: As the name suggests, this cut consists of boneless 1 rib short loin.