What is Halal?

Halal, in Arabic, means legitimate, rightful, and admissible. The opposite of Halal is Haram which is regarded as something that is unlawful and unacceptable under Islamic Sharia Law. In terms of food and meat products, the term Halal is often used to express that the animal was slaughtered in the name of God by a practising Muslim through a cut in its jugular vein. Additionally it must should be free of urine, alcohol, pork as well as blood.

OJ Trade is a trading company which specializes in the procurement and distribution of 100% Halal carcasses. Immense effort is taken to deliver genuinely halal slaughtered meat products where the utmost care is taken to adhere to the tenant of Sharia law and the Sunnah. We work closely with HACCP Certified Abattoirs, Livestock traders, meat packaging companies and farmers throughout the European Union. Our products pass through stringent

What is Kosher?

Animals that are considered kosher are cow, goat and sheep. Most poultry is also kosher. The word kosher was derived from the Hebrew word, Kashrus, which translates to pure as well as fit for human consumption. Kosher certified products should be free from any harmful elements that are prohibited in the Jewish Law. The slaughter technique is quite similar to Halal methodology. However the Halakhah ( Jewish Religious Law) is very stringent with regards to the knife used, the condition of the internal organs and can only be performed by a Rabbi .Many Rabbis undergo several years of training to be able to practice Kosher Slaughter .

At OJ Trade we do not supply KOSHER slaughtered produce. However we do welcome clients who are interested to procure kosher carcasses. We are able to assist you further using out wide network of business partnerships.