OJ TRADE is a distributor of ritually slaughtered (Halal) fresh meat carcasses primarily lamb and beef. We have partnered with various companies after following a very strict due diligence procedure within the industry allowing us to service a wider range of customers, from the local grocer to larger food manufacturer. We personally inspect the slaughter process to ensure the procedure is carried out in accordance to Islamic Jurisprudence.

Our network and expertise not only allows us to fulfil customer orders, but also provide decisive market information, allowing to make informed buying decisions. We strive and are dedicated to be flexible and continuously accommodate our clientele.

OJ TRADE is committed a long term relationships with both vendors and clientele, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to win over a sale, a new associate or even a new friend. Regardless of your current location we always endeavour to provide you with the service and products you need, and if we cannot, we will do our best to find who can.